”Gestures of Resistance” (2019) documentary movie was presented in premiere, Friday, May 24th, 2019, 18.00 at Nová Cvernovka Bratislava in association with Freedom Festival 2019. The Projection followed a debate session with Olga Ștefan – the creator of the movie, Eva Mosnáková from Slovakia and Veronica Rozenberg from Israel – two of the protagonists interviewed in the movie, Ingrid Borárosová – Bratislava Policy Institute, Filip Pavčík – Post Bellum SK / Príbehy 20. storočia

Venues of the events (city, country, date)
Bratislava, Slovakia, 24. May 2019 (Freedom Festival, film streaming in Film HUB)
Trnava, Slovakia, 17. October 2019 (University film club)
Bratislava, Slovakia, 28. October 2019 (Intellectual coffee shop)