GESTURES OF RESISTANCE (2019, Documentary, România, Slovakia, Czech Republic, 1h02, ro/en/cz)

Film by Olga Ștefan with input from Bratislava Policy Institute and Post Bellum

Special thanks to the interviewees:
Slovakia: Otto Šimko, Eva Mosnáková
Czech Republic: Erika Bezdíčková, Mikuláš Brőder
România/ Israel: Alexandru Elias, Theodora Iancu, Veronica Rozenberg, Ella Roizman, Tereza  Mózes 


Gestures of Resistance connects the personal testimonies of some of the last survivors of the Holocaust from Romania, Czech Republic and Slovakia through their presentations of antifascist resistance - chapter 1: Armed Resistance, chapter 2: Civil/Political Resistance, chapter 3: Resistance through Art, chapter 4: Resistance through Solidarity.

We use these personal stories to inquire further into their relevance in today´s society, what our protagonists feel about the right-wing political movements gaining power, and how they think we can use their stories to resist current tendencies.

Gestures of Resistance weaves filmed footage from protest movements and individual acts of solidarity today, with filmed testimonies of our protagonists, archival material, and artworks depicting antifascist resistance, to plead for a path that reshapes our present and future into one governed by equality and justice for all, and asks us to resist the closure of our societies now before it´s too late.

Producer: Asociația UMA ED ROMÂNIA
International Partners: POST BELLUM OPS (Cehia)și Bratislava Policy Institute (Slovacia)